Urban, Elegant Michigan White-Washed Barn Wedding

August 12

Let me tell you about the day I first met Lisa + Steve. They drove up to Grand Mere State Park for our engagement session one year prior to the wedding and I thought to myself... these cats are GOOD LOOKIN'! Literally, my exact thoughts. As the session goes on, low and behold, magic, and on top of that they just happen to be the cutest and funnest people to hang with. We troll through the dunes and beach grass in the moody November drear (which is my favorite kind of day), and as I bring them full circle around to the other entrance that will take us back to our cars, I realize the lake is high. The single path to get through to the entrance is rock-climbing our way through the boulders and waves. And Lisa was like, "Oh yeah, no problem..." like the winner she is. So warily, as we trek through, I look back and see Lisa thigh high in icy cold water as the waves crashed toward her. I was mortified + speechless. LOL. But, I cannot tell you enough that both Steve and Lisa were champs that day and I knew their wedding would be one for the books, not because they stuck out the cold and unfortunate watery end to our session, but because through it all they just laughed and enjoyed the hilarity of the moment as well as making my heart feel at ease. It's a rare quality to have as an individual, but to possess as a couple is extraordinary. Steve and Lisa, you are wonderful, it was a blast to be a part of your wedding day and I couldn't be happier for your new beginning. Cheers to you both! Let's hang soon. 

Coordinator: Allie Atkins
Venue: Harbor Banks Winery
Florals: Black Dog Farms
Calligraphy: Prairie Letter Shop
Invitations: Off On My Bicycle
Live Band: Isaac Ryder Band

econd Shooter: Cris Seu
DJ: Kinda Cloudy DJ

Dress: BHLDN
Cake: Tosi's