Destination Kauai Island Wedding

A L E X + A N I K A
October 7

My husband and I had the HONOR of shooting Alex + Anika's wedding photos and film. I grew up in Japan with Anika and her wonderful family. Though she was a couple years younger, she was always such a bright spot in my life. So, when I heard that Anika's mother had been fighting for her life a few years ago, I could not believe the unity, love and impact that came from her fight and her family. And I knew that Anika would have joy + impact wherever she goes and whoever she touches. SO, I knew that whoever she would marry not only had to be strong, but had to be compassionate and able to bring his own joy and love to the table. Alex is exactly that for Anika and I couldn't be happier for them in their journey. And I cannot speak enough about this week-long celebration, the reunions, the intimate family moments, the FRANDZ, the hiking, the dancing, the laughing, the tears, the beauty and wildlife that IS Kauai, the throwing up that happened... (apparently 8-15 foot swells on a small boat cruise doesn't sit well with most people). SUCH a crazy fun week and Anika + Alex wouldn't have their wedding week any other way than being surrounded by their bests + family having the time of their life. Even though I straight up ugly cried during the ceremony, I am beyond overjoyed for these two and the life ahead of them. Cheers to you both!