Romantic, Rustic + Heartfelt Michigan Barn Wedding Celebration

RYAN + MAKENZIE | Marcellus, Michigan
September 8

Ryan + Makenzie... It's hard to put words to paper. These two and their hearts are unparalleled. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for kind couples. Their demeanor through this whole planning process, during our engagement session and all throughout our interactions have been nothing but sweet + uplifting. I cannot speak more highly of their character and how they treat those around them and how they so outspokenly love their Jesus. I teared up throughout the whole day but I cannot tell you how beautiful it was to see Ryan's reaction to his bride coming down the aisle. I posted the WHOLE sequence because as she came out of the barn, Ryan, eyes closed in worship, finally looked up and realized his bride was walking toward him and his reaction... well, it will grab heartstrings is all I can say. So happy for you both in your new beginning together! Cheers to you both!

Venue: Gable Hill Barn
Coordinator/Planner/Florist: Rickia Napier, Stephanie Mitchell
DJ + Ceremony: Nate Harris, Elisha Schoeplein, Arianna Mclean
Caterers: F.L.P Catering (Roberto Montes)
Videographer: Ryan Timmons
Second Photographer: Evelin Herbstreit
Cake: Elisha Schoeplein
Dress: Wedding Belles Boutique